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  1. Stacy poe - Connectiucut says:

    I like the fact you did not judge, Woke People, you simply explained what Woke is. Thank you for that! 

    1. Julie Thomas - New York says:

      WOKE is what she was saying in thew article, but it is so much more. Did you know WOKE has its roots in Marxism. 

      Its roots are in the almost hate for society rules. I understand most of us recognize this word as in equal rights for all.But I think we use the word to loosely, and should be more aware of the meaning, not what we think the meaning means to us as individuals.  

  2. Bill Petros - Houston says:

     Your all right! There is much injustice in this world, and I do beleive it is important for all of us to stick together on these issues. The problem is we all dont always agree on what the problem is or how we can solve it...

    1. Shailja Reddy says:


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