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Democrats Feel Powerless as ‘Elites’ Back Biden

As Democratic elites rally behind Biden’s re-election bid, grassroots supporters express frustration and powerlessness, highlighting divisions within the party.

Democrats feel powerless as 'elites' fall in line behind Biden

The us presidential election 2024 is coming up, and democratic party divisions are getting wider. Regular Democrats are worried about President Joe Biden’s chance to run again. They feel left out by establishment politics and the political elite influence supporting the Biden re-election campaign1.

Many polls show people are unsure about Biden, but party leaders can’t speak out. This is because the White House and party are controlled by Biden1. After a bad debate and worries about his mental health, big names still support Biden. They did this even after they had serious doubts about him1.

Key Takeaways

  • Democratic Party divisions intensify as grassroots members express concerns about Biden’s candidacy
  • Establishment politics and political elite influence dominate the Biden re-election campaign
  • Polls consistently show voter reservations about Biden, but party leaders feel powerless to act
  • Even after a poor debate performance and mental acuity concerns, power brokers back Biden
  • The White House and Democratic Party remain under Biden’s control, stifling grassroots dissent

Biden’s Attempt to Frame Himself Against Washington “Elites”

President Joe Biden wants to show his campaign as a fight against the washington elites. But, many in his own party doubt his claims. They say his story doesn’t match the reality for many Democrats2.

Local leaders and elected officials in key states worry about Biden but feel trapped by the White House’s control2. This worry grew after his debate, which got a lot of attention2.

Journalists like Paul Krugman and David Remnick have started to question Biden’s abilities2. Yet, the top people in the country don’t seem worried about Biden’s health or how he’s leading2.

“The Democratic Party used aggressive methods to bar primary competitors to Biden, notably RFK, Jr., showcasing the establishment’s determination to maintain the status quo.”3

Trump is getting more support and leads in polls, with donors and other candidates backing him4. This is making Democrats unhappy, especially Black Americans and young voters4.

The Biden campaign’s story of fighting against the washington elites doesn’t seem true for many Democrats. With doubts about Biden’s leadership, it’s unclear if this message will win over voters or widen the party’s divide243.

Rank-and-File Democrats Express Deep Concerns About Biden

As the 2024 presidential election gets closer, more Democrats are speaking out against Joe Biden. Internal dissent and voter doubts are growing. Many party chairs and officials are worried about Biden’s chances.

They think many in the party don’t support him. This feeling is shared by regular Democrats, local leaders, and officials. They’ve heard from voters who are unsure about Biden.

Poll Results Demonstrate Voter Reservations

Recent polls show that many Democrats are concerned about Biden. A Post poll found Trump is just a point or two ahead of Biden5. This shows how some voters doubt Biden’s ability to win the election.

Some officials worry that Biden’s age and abilities might make voters less excited. This could lead to a loss for Biden and other Democrats6. This is a big problem for party leaders trying to keep voters on board.

Democratic Party Chairs Feel Powerless to Act

A Democratic state party chair thinks Biden should step down but didn’t want to be named. They said, “I’d be in trouble if I spoke out. They’d ignore my state if I didn’t support Biden.” This shows how some feel trapped by the party’s support for Biden.

Many party members are hesitant to question Biden openly. They think their concerns won’t matter without support from leaders6. Rep. Jerry Nadler and others suggested Biden should step aside, showing party divisions6. But their call fell flat, showing the gap between regular Democrats and the party’s leaders.

The campaign concerns and voter doubts are growing. The Democratic Party must deal with these issues. They need to fix the problems or face a tough election in 2024.

Democrats Feel Powerless as ‘Elites’ Fall in Line Behind Biden

President Joe Biden’s mental fitness and his chance of winning the election are raising concerns. Many Democrats privately doubt Biden, but they keep their doubts to themselves7. This silence makes some Democrats feel they have no say in the election.

Power Brokers Backing Biden Despite Doubts

Even after Biden’s weak debate and doubts about his mind, important Democrats still support him. Their support seems more out of duty than real belief. A close Biden ally said, “No one is excited. Expectations are very low for Biden going forward.” This shows the gap between what Democrats say in public and what they really think7.

Recent events, like a sailor trying to see Biden’s health records, have raised more questions about his health8. Yet, Biden’s doctor said he found no signs of brain problems during a check-up on February 288. This news has eased some worries about his health.

Low Excitement and Expectations Among Democrats

There’s little excitement for Biden among Democrats, who seem to accept him as the best option. Only a few Democrats openly talked about Biden’s age and if he can win during a meeting of House members9. This shows many Democrats are hesitant to challenge the party’s choice.

As the election gets closer, the Democratic Party must work hard to get people to vote and support Biden. They need to show a strong united front and address concerns about Biden’s mental health and leadership skills.

Metric Current Status Desired Outcome
Political Endorsements Key Democrats backing Biden despite doubts Genuine enthusiasm and confidence in nominee
Party Unity Public displays of support, private reservations Authentic alignment and open communication
Campaign Enthusiasm Low excitement and expectations among Democrats Energized base and inspired volunteers
Voter Turnout Concerns about mobilizing voters High voter participation and engagement

Disastrous Debate Performance and Mental Acuity Concerns

After the recent presidential debate, President Joe Biden’s campaign is working hard to fix the damage. A New York Times/Siena poll and a Wall Street Journal poll show Biden is now 6 points behind Trump10. People are worried about Biden’s mental fitness and if he can lead the country well.

A Democratic state party chair is very concerned about Biden’s debate and public appearances. They wonder if Biden can share his message clearly or if his struggles will overshadow everything.

A recent survey found 77% of Americans think Biden is too old to be president for another four years11. This has put more pressure on Biden’s doctor, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, who has checked on him several times since 202112.

“Take the debate out of it and just look at the last couple of weeks. Is he going to be able to get a message out and build a narrative or will every public event be about this?”

Biden’s campaign is struggling to keep up as people doubt his mental abilities. The White House is trying to reassure everyone that Biden can still govern. But, doubts about his mental fitness are a big problem for his re-election.

Old politicians face challenges, like what happened to 81-year-old Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell11. His freeze on camera has made people wonder about the health of senior politicians. Nikki Haley suggested a mental test for politicians over 75, including Biden and Trump11.

The 2024 election will focus a lot on the mental fitness of leaders. The public’s trust in their mental health will be key to the election’s outcome. Biden needs to convince voters he can lead the country through tough times.

Growing Resignation Among Democrats

As the 2024 presidential election approaches, many Democrats feel hopeless. They worry about President Biden’s mental fitness and leadership skills. Despite these concerns, they feel trapped by party loyalty and fear of electoral consequences.

There’s a lot of worry in the Democratic Party. Six House Democrats want Biden to step down after his poor debate performance13. Representative Adam Smith has openly called for Biden to leave the race13. In private, many top Democrats, like Jerrold Nadler and Mark Takano, doubt Biden’s ability to win13.

Making the Best Out of a Bad Situation

Many Democrats are accepting of Biden as their nominee, despite their doubts. One House member said, “The president seems defensive and in denial. He won’t give up the car keys, even when it’s not safe.” This shows how worried they are that Biden’s issues could hurt the party in other races and turn off voters.

Yet, Democrats are hesitant to challenge Biden. They fear losing his supporters and splitting the party before a key election. So, they’re choosing political pragmatism. They’re putting party unity first, even if it means not questioning the president.

The Most Consequential Presidential Election in American History

The 2024 election is seen as very important for the country’s future. With only 28% of Americans calling themselves Democrats14, the party needs to win over more people. Trust in government is at a low 29%14, making it tough for the party to gain support.

In this high-stakes election, Democrats face big challenges with Biden as their candidate. They must deal with his issues and a divided political scene. A study from Claremont McKenna College suggests they should focus on fixing democratic problems instead of just appealing to the masses15. The party’s success will depend on offering a strong vision for the future and addressing American concerns.

Shifting Stances of Democratic Leaders

After the debate disaster, Democratic leaders are under a lot of to think about changing their candidate. Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., and three other Democrats thought Biden should step down during a call with colleagues16. But just two days later, Nadler changed his mind, saying, “He’s our nominee, and we all need to support him.”

Democratic leadership decisions

This change shows the tough times the Democratic Party is going through. A CNN poll showed Trump won by a big margin, 67 to 33 percent16. This has made Democratic leaders rethink their choices and look at other candidates.

Some think Kamala Harris could be an alternative, but she might not excite voters much16. Yet, she’s expected to do worse than Biden against Trump16. Polls show Trump leads her by 6.6 percentage points17.

Other candidates also face big challenges. Trump beats Gavin Newsom and Gretchen Whitmer by a lot, and he leads Pete Buttigieg in polls too17.

Democratic leaders are caught in a tough spot. They need to keep the party united but are worried about Biden’s chances of winning. The shift in male voters, especially those without college degrees, is a big problem for the Democrats18. Trump gained a lot of support among men after the debate, showing a big move away from Biden18.

Democratic leaders need to win back male voters and think about the impact of choosing a female candidate like Kamala Harris. The question is, will voters support a non-white male president? Past elections show there’s a lot of doubt18.

The Democratic Party is facing a tough time. Ignoring the loss of male support and the worries behind it could lead to defeat18. Leaders must make tough choices and change their message to win back voters while standing strong against Trump.

Fears of Biden’s Gaffes and Their Impact on Democrats

Joe Biden’s campaign is making Democrats nervous about his potential mistakes. They worry these errors could hurt his chances in the election. Such mistakes could also show his weaknesses and harm the party’s election hopes.

Biden has been criticized for his past votes, like supporting the Iraq war in 2003. This decision led to many Iraqi deaths and 4,500 American soldiers losing their lives19. He was also accused of giving wrong information about his role in the war.

Biden’s plans, like raising the retirement age and cutting Social Security benefits, have been questioned19. His past support for reducing Medicare and Social Security has raised doubts about his progressive values19.

“I could say something, but I’m a pragmatist. Would it have any effect? Would it have any impact? I think in the absence of leadership stepping forward — I don’t think any rank-and-file member is going to change that dynamic.”

Worries about Biden’s mistakes are growing, thanks to new technology like deepfakes. These can make fake videos look real by adding realistic blinking20. False rumors about Biden being fake or recorded in a fake way have spread online. These rumors are likely to get worse as the election gets closer20.

Democrats are in a tough spot, feeling they can’t speak out without support from leaders. They fear one big mistake from Biden could ruin their election chances. This could lead to losing voters and putting other races at risk.

Concerns About Biden’s Ability to Build a Narrative

President Joe Biden’s approval rating is dropping, floating between the high 30s and mid-40s21. This has Democratic leaders worried about his ability to share his message and create a strong story. They worry his campaign’s messaging is struggling, and his public mistakes could hurt voter turnout and down-ballot races22.

Public Events Focusing on Biden’s Struggles

A Democratic state party chair is concerned, asking, “Can he get his message out and build a story, or will every event focus on his mistakes?” This fear comes from Biden’s campaign being overshadowed by his errors in public. Critics even call his latest debate his worst22.

The White House tries to boost Biden by highlighting his success in controlled settings, where he sticks to prepared speeches22. Yet, some Democrats doubt his ability to make tough decisions in crisis, based on his debate performance22.

Fears of Losing Voter Enthusiasm and Down-Ballot Races

Democrats worry Biden’s issues could decrease voter excitement, possibly losing him the election and affecting down-ballot races. State party chairs share this worry, with one saying, “Most of the chairs I’ve talked to are scared.”

Even though Biden keeps strong support among Democrats, he doesn’t have much support from others in a divided country21. This is worrying, especially since he’s lost support among Hispanic and Black voters lately, undoing past gains21.

To fight these fears, the White House aims to pass Biden’s $3.5 trillion plan and the infrastructure bill together, using this chance to show the benefits of his economic plans21. By doing this, Democrats hope to increase Biden’s ratings and keep voters excited21.

As the election goes on, it’s unclear if Biden can overcome his past issues and build a compelling story for voters. With everything at stake, Democrats are counting on Biden to step up and lead their party to victory in what’s seen as a pivotal election22.

A Splintering Democratic Party

The Democratic Party is facing big challenges with internal divisions and differences in ideas. President Biden’s current polls show he might lose if the election were held now23. This has made people question his age and leadership skills.

In states like Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, Biden is doing worse than Democratic Senate candidates23. This could lead to voters supporting different parties for different offices23. The party’s lack of unity is making many feel powerless and upset.

A Democratic organizer says the party is split, with doubts about Biden’s age and abilities. Yet, some are supporting him to prevent more damage. They worry about repeating the 2016 split that hurt the party’s unity. Winning in swing states is crucial, but finding a solution is hard.

“It feels like we’re creating a 2016 environment again, where we were pulled apart in that primary and never got back together. It’s very frustrating for us in these swing states. We have to win, we cannot lose. Ultimately, nobody really knows how this will be resolved. There’s no way out.”

The Democratic Party’s ability to support candidates is being questioned23. Weaknesses in leadership and a lack of a clear plan are problems23. The party needs to work on unity and present a strong vision to voters.

Money plays a big role in politics, with the rich often backing winning candidates24. The 2020 elections set spending records, reaching $14 billion24. This money can widen party divisions and limit people’s say in politics24.

The Democratic Party faces a tough landscape with many districts safe for incumbents25. This lack of competition means power is concentrated in a few areas like airlines and banks25. The party needs to make democracy more competitive for the people’s benefit25.

White House and Campaign Attempts to Contain Fallout

After the debate disaster, the White House and Biden’s team are working hard to fix things. They’re trying to keep support for the president strong. They’re talking to important people and working on their campaign strategy.

Outreach to Congress, Governors, and Donors

The Biden team is talking to Congress, governors, and donors to keep them on board. They want to show they’re still in the race and ready to lead. But, some are upset they can’t give their input, and others feel ignored13.

Some people are upset about the calls they got. They didn’t get to share their thoughts and felt tricked. Now, six House Democrats want Biden to quit the race after the debate13.

Grassroots Support and Volunteer Enthusiasm

Despite party leaders’ doubts, the Biden campaign says they have strong support from the ground up. They point to new donors and volunteers as proof of support. But, the president’s popularity is dropping with some groups, like men under 3018.

This loss of support is a big worry. A poll shows Trump leading Biden by 6 points, especially with men18. This makes the campaign’s efforts to get people to vote seem less effective18.

The White House and the Biden campaign are trying hard to fix the damage. They need to convince the Democratic Party that Biden is still the right choice for 2024. With some House Democrats calling for Biden to step down and polls showing less support, the challenge is big.

Biden’s Insistence on Remaining the Nominee

Despite harsh criticism and calls to step down after a poor debate performance, President Joe Biden is sticking to his plan. He wants to stay the Democratic nominee for 2024. Biden says millions voted for him in the primaries, and ignoring their choice would be unfair2613.

In a letter to Congressional Democrats, Biden explained, “I wouldn’t run again if I didn’t think I could beat Donald Trump in 2024. The voters made their choice, and it’s clear and strong.”13 This letter aimed to calm the growing dissent among Democrats and show his dedication to the race13.

Biden’s decision to stay in the race is tough, with many Democrats questioning his choice13. Some House Democrats, like Representatives Jerrold Nadler and Mark Takano, want him to step down after the debate13. Yet, Biden is convinced he can beat Trump and is set to keep running13.

The Biden campaign is trying to fix the damage from the debate, with worries about its effect on his campaign26. Critics have questioned his mental fitness and ability to lead after the debate262. Still, Biden is sticking to his role, citing the voter mandate and the need to respect the primary results.

The Democratic party is debating candidate determination and party direction with Biden’s stance at the center. Some see his resolve as a sign of strength, while others fear his shortcomings could hurt the party in the election. As the campaign goes on, it’s unclear how Biden’s decision will affect the party’s unity and election chances.

Concerns Persist Despite Biden’s Efforts

President Biden has been trying to improve public opinion and unite party leaders with his campaign events6. Yet, many Democrats still have doubts about his candidacy6. These political realities make many feel they can’t change things within the party6.

Democrats express concerns about Biden's candidacy

North Carolina and Wisconsin Rallies

Biden’s rallies in North Carolina and Wisconsin haven’t eased the worries of some Democrats. A House member said, “I’m still worried, nothing he’s done has eased my concerns. The rallies in North Carolina and Wisconsin didn’t help. I’m still worried6.”

Resignation Among Democratic Leaders

Democratic leaders are feeling hopeless, feeling they can’t shape Biden’s decisions. A state party chair said, “I can’t change Biden’s mind. So, I’ll support him and try to win. I think our opinions don’t matter to them6.”

Despite Biden’s team talking about strong grassroots support, with 864,000 new donors and lots of volunteers6. Democrats worry that if Biden loses, they might lose other races too6.

The Democratic Party is starting to split, with questions about Biden’s age and leadership ability6. Many fear it could lead to another divided primary like in 20166. Some leaders were worried about Biden at first but now support him. They think attacking him could let Trump win6.


The Democratic Party is at a crossroads as the political scene changes. Biden’s re-election bid is gaining support from party leaders, but some supporters feel left out. This shows a growing gap between the party’s old guard and its progressive wing, making the democratic party future uncertain.

Recent polls show Democrats losing support among key groups like the Latino community and Black men. Many Americans feel ignored and unsure about the future27. Only 18% of new policies with low elite support get through, while 45% of those with high support do28. Corporate interests still hold a lot of power in Washington and state capitals27.

Yet, more Democrats are backing a movement for a grassroots, multi-racial, working-class party27. The party’s success might depend on listening to average citizens and groups that currently have little say in government28. The 2024 election could greatly affect the party’s future, shaping the political scene for years ahead.

“We must have the courage to take on the greed and power of the insurance companies, the drug companies, the fossil fuel industry, and the military-industrial complex.” – Bernie Sanders27

The next few months will be key in shaping the Democratic Party’s future and the 2024 election outcome. Biden must bring the party together, win over voters, and challenge Trump effectively. His ability to do so is being tested, especially with concerns about his mistakes and his message.

Year Event Impact
2008 Democrats won the presidency and a huge majority in Congress Opportunity for significant policy changes
2010 Democrats were shellacked in the midterm elections Loss of political capital and momentum
2016 Trump’s presidential campaign victory Shift in the political landscape and rise of right-wing populism29

The Democratic Party’s future will show if it can adapt to new political realities, listen to its diverse base, and offer a strong vision for the future. The party faces internal and external challenges, but it must focus on key issues like healthcare, income inequality, climate change, and social justice.

The 2024 election will test the Democratic Party’s ability to build a broad coalition to beat Trump and lead the country in a new direction. As the election implications become clearer, Democrats need to stay united and true to their values. This is the only way they can secure a better future for all Americans.


The 2024 presidential election is coming, and the Democratic Party is facing big challenges. They’re dealing with voter concerns and divisions that could hurt their chances. President Joe Biden wants to be seen as a leader who fights for the people, not just the Washington political establishment. But, many in his party doubt his ability to lead.

Democrats at all levels are worried. They question if Biden can bring the party together and overcome the campaign challenges. Research shows that big money and special interest groups really influence politics28. This makes many Democrats feel like they have little control over their own party.

Many Democrats feel disappointed. They know they might have to support Biden even if they’re not fully behind him. In 2020, 81 million Americans voted for him1. Now, they wonder if he can keep their support with his health and leadership in question.

The Democratic Party is trying to stay strong and united. They’re reaching out to Congress, governors, and donors to keep support strong. But, the risk of the party breaking apart is real.

The concerns and frustrations among Democrats show how important party unity is. One party official said, “We’re in a tough spot, but we have to find a way to come together. The stakes are just too high.”

Recent rallies haven’t eased the worries among Democrats. They see the challenges the Biden campaign faces. With many Americans holding right-wing views29, the party must win over a wide range of voters while keeping its base happy.

The success of the Democratic Party in 2024 depends on overcoming these issues. President Biden sees this as a battle for the soul of the nation. The outcome will affect future generations.


The 2024 presidential election is coming up, and the Democratic Party is facing big challenges. They need to work better on foreign policy and get people to support President Biden30. Biden is behind in polls, especially in key states, and his health issues are making things worse23. A sailor tried to get into Biden’s medical records, showing concerns about his health8.

The White House is trying to fix the damage and keep support strong. They’re reaching out to Congress, governors, and donors. But, many Democrats and voters are losing hope in Biden30. A group of important people can really shape the party’s decisions on war and foreign policy3023. The Democrats need to come together and offer a strong plan for the future, despite doubts about Biden23.

The news about the sailor trying to access Biden’s medical records has made things even more uncertain8. As the Democratic National Convention in Chicago gets closer, the party must overcome these hurdles to stand strong and win in November23.


Why do rank-and-file Democrats feel powerless in the face of Biden’s re-election campaign?

Rank-and-file Democrats feel trapped because the White House and the party are controlled by Biden. They worry about facing backlash if they question his campaign.

What impact have Biden’s recent debate performance and mental acuity concerns had on his campaign?

Biden’s poor debate performance and mental health worries have made people doubt his campaign. This has led to questions about his ability to win the election.

How are Democratic leaders responding to the concerns surrounding Biden’s candidacy?

Despite doubts, many Democratic leaders are backing Biden. Their support seems more like a nod to reality than true enthusiasm. Some, like Rep. Jerry Nadler, have changed their views, suggesting Biden should stay in the race.

What fears do Democrats have about Biden’s gaffes and their potential impact on the party?

Democrats worry that one mistake by Biden could ruin the party’s chances. They feel they can’t speak out without support from leaders, as their efforts might not change much.

How are the White House and Biden’s campaign attempting to contain the fallout and shore up support?

The White House and Biden’s team are talking to Congress, governors, donors, and volunteers. They aim to ease concerns and show strong support. But, some feel they’re not being heard and are being misled.

What challenges does the Democratic Party face as the 2024 presidential election approaches?

The Democratic Party faces big hurdles, like internal disagreements and doubts about Biden. They need to come together and offer a strong vision to win in November.

How are grassroots supporters and party leaders reacting to the divisions within the Democratic Party?

Grassroots supporters and some leaders are upset and feel helpless as elites back Biden. They point out the big splits in the party and the tough challenge of beating Trump in 2024.

What role does voter disillusionment play in the current political landscape?

Many Democratic voters are unhappy with Biden and the party’s direction. This could lead to less support and lower turnout, impacting the election results.

How are populist sentiments influencing the dynamics within the Democratic Party?

Populist feelings are causing divisions in the party. Grassroots supporters and some officials feel ignored by the leadership. This gap could make it harder to support Biden’s campaign.

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