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Montel Williams: What has Montel Williams been up to?

Explore the latest on Montel Williams, from his recent advocacy work to public appearances and new ventures. Discover what has Montel Williams been up to?.

Montel Williams is a big name in daytime TV. But he’s moved on to do something really important. After his show ended, he became a strong voice for health and wellness. He shares his story about fighting Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

He talks openly about how medical cannabis helps him. And he pushes for more research and better help for people with MS. Williams doesn’t just talk about it, he takes action. He appears in the media, does charity work, and starts his own projects.


What has Montel Williams been up to?

  • Montel Williams is actively engaged in health and wellness advocacy.
  • He publicly shares his experiences with Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Williams supports medical cannabis as a treatment option.
  • His efforts include media appearances and charitable contributions.
  • Williams remains an influential figure beyond his television career.

Montel Williams was born in Baltimore in 1956. He’s had a great career, in TV and more1. Before TV, he served in the Marines and the Navy for over 20 years. This taught him how to be disciplined in his work1.

After the military, he hosted a successful talk show. This made him famous from 1991 to 20081.

Montel Williams: A Brief Overview

Montel Williams is famous for his work on TV and in the military. He grew up in Baltimore and worked hard to get where he is. Williams has shown us how to overcome challenges and succeed in many areas.

Early Life and Education

Williams was born in Baltimore on July 3, 19561. Even as a young student, he led his peers, being the class president all through high school. He started his path at the U.S. Naval Academy. This set him up for a career that mixed military service with hosting TV shows.

Military Service

In his military career, Williams spent time in both the Marines and the Navy. Over 22 years of service, he earned high honors, such as two Meritorious Service Medals and two Navy Commendation Medals1. By the time he left, he was a lieutenant commander. This was a big part of his life, showing his dedication and leadership.

The Montel Williams Show

Williams started The Montel Williams Show in 1991. Soon, it became very popular, hitting its best ratings from 1996 to 1997, with an average of 4.4 million viewers1. His way of hosting and the interesting topics made him win a Daytime Emmy in 1996. The show ended in 2008 but was important for talking about important issues.

From growing up in Baltimore to his time in the military and his famous TV shows, Montel Williams has always worked hard. His story shows the power of leadership, serving others, and leading in entertainment.

His Career in Television

Montel Williams is well-respected in the TV world, being an Emmy Award winner and starring in key roles. He kicked off with “The Montel Williams Show” in 1991 and led it until 2008. This show did very well, especially in the 1996–97 season when it reached a 4.4 rating12. In 1996, Williams won the Daytime Emmy for Best Talk Show Host because of his charm and great stories1.

The Montel Williams Show

This show, created by CBS Paramount Television, was a hit in the day. It proved how good Williams was as a host and the show’s knack for dealing with different, hard topics. For 17 years, it kept people coming back, looking for fun and to learn about important issues1.

Guest Appearances

Post “The Montel Williams Show,” Williams made impact as a guest on various TV shows. He notably joined the “Oprah” show, adding his views and stories with other famous hosts. He was loved not just as a host but as a guest star, getting invited to many shows1.

Production Work

Williams also showed his skills behind the camera, helping make important documentaries and acting in series. His documentary “4CHOSEN” underlined his focus on social issues. He also acted in shows like “JAG” and “Matt Waters,” proving he’s more than just a great host2.

Montel Williams has done a lot in TV, both on and off screen. His varied work shows his deep impact and talent in the industry. He’s not just an Emmy winner but a standout in TV all around.

What Has Montel Williams Been Up To?

Montel Williams updates

Montel Williams, now 67 years old, keeps busy in TV and public service. After his talk show from 1991 to 2008, he moved on to new projects13. These projects show his drive for causes he cares about and helps the public.

New TV Projects

Williams is now working on “Military Makeover: Operation Career” for the Lifetime network. This program helps veterans start new jobs. It celebrates their service and the challenges they face in the civilian world.

He’s also hosting “Behind the Mystery – Rare Diseases” on “The Balancing Act.” This show aims to explain complex medical topics in simple terms. It offers support to those with rare diseases3.

Public Engagements

Williams is active in public events. He shows up for good causes and health events. He’s a strong voice in the fight against Multiple Sclerosis (MS)2. And he uses his reach to educate people and support research.

In his shows and events, Montel Williams continues to influence and help. He’s reaching out through TV and raising awareness about health issues.

Montel Williams’ Advocacy Work

Montel Williams has been an active voice in health and wellness for many years. He is deeply committed to creating awareness about Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This led him to start the Montel Williams MS Foundation, which works on MS research and improving treatment access.

Diagnosed with MS in 1999, Williams uses his own story to inspire others. Through motivational speaking, he spreads the word about important health issues and the need for medical research. He has become a leading advocate for better health and supportive legislation, aiming to enhance life quality through education and support.

Besides his foundation work, Williams is also recognized for his efforts in public health and supporting the military. In 2008, he earned the Navy Superior Public Service Award. This award highlighted his dedication to helping service members and their families1.

Williams keeps working hard to draw attention to crucial health concerns. He makes a difference through his foundation and public appearances. If you want to know more about Montel Williams and his advocacy, check out his profile on Wikipedia.

Montel Williams and Multiple Sclerosis

Montel Williams got diagnosed with MS more than 20 years ago. This changed his life and motivated many others fighting MS4. His story with MS treatment shows his strong will and health focus.

Personal Journey with MS

Williams openly talks about his MS symptoms and the many treatments he uses. His MS care plan includes both traditional medicine and holistic actions like diet changes, exercise, and being mindful4. This whole care approach helps his body and mind stay as healthy as possible.

Awareness Campaigns

He is a big voice in MS awareness and advocacy too. Montel works hard to teach people about MS and why better treatments are crucial. There are about one million Americans with MS, showing why efforts like his are so important4. And 80% of those with RRMS may later get SPMS, which is why finding better treatments and support is urgent4.

To learn more about his recent projects, check out his awareness efforts.

Williams fights for clear information and improved support for everyone with MS. He aims to make this tough journey a little easier for others.

Medical Cannabis Advocacy

Montel Williams shines as a leading voice in medical cannabis, especially in treating Cannabis and MS. He has personally experienced the powerful benefits of medical cannabis. This sparked his mission to promote its use for treating MS and other health issues. His story shows how medical cannabis can truly change the lives of those with chronic ailments.

In Georgia, Botanical Sciences is leading the charge with medical cannabis. It’s the sole Georgian company with a special Class 1 license. They are paving the way by setting up six dispensaries in different Georgia counties, making cannabis medicine more accessible to those who need it5.

Montel Williams is deeply involved with Botanical Sciences. He now helps guide their work as part of their Board of Advisors. This company is serious about providing top-notch care. They operate a massive 100,000 square-foot facility in Glennville, Georgia, solely for growing and harvesting high-quality cannabis plants5. To learn more about their products and getting a medical cannabis card, check out Botanical Sciences.

medical cannabis spokesperson

Through “Inspire by Montel,” his own brand, Montel continues to explore new treatments. As a former Navy officer with 22 years of service5, he uses his influence to speak up for medical cannabis. He argues passionately about its advantages in MS and other health issues.

Montel Williams’ Media Presence

Montel Williams is everywhere in the media world. He talks about important topics and connects with people using many ways. Acting, hosting shows, and helping others are just some of his many talents. Through all this, he continues to inspire and educate the public.

Podcasts and Interviews

Williams found podcasts as a new way to reach out. He talks about current events and his own experiences. This lets him connect with his fans in a deep and personal way. Podcasts also show how good he is at communicating. They let him be real and show a different side to himself. In interviews, he shares his big achievements, like his long time as the host of “The Montel Williams Show.” He also talks about helping veterans and working on projects against multiple sclerosis6. This shows he truly cares about using the media for good.

Social Media Activity

Fans can find Montel Williams easily on social media. He shares updates on health, wellbeing, and important causes. Williams also talks about using medical cannabis for medical reasons. This makes him a respected figure in health advocacy.

His social media accounts reflect his wide influence. They are places where his fans can talk to him directly. By keeping up with his followers online, Montel Williams stays relevant in today’s fast-changing media world7.

Montel Williams’ Recent Public Appearances

Montel Williams remains a key figure in public speaking. He takes part in many events to talk about his long career. For many years now, people love to hear him speak and share his wisdom.

For 17 years, he hosted “The Montel Williams Show” and made over 3,500 episodes. In those shows, he talked to over 30,000 different people8. This big experience helps him tell great stories when he speaks in public. Many people find him very interesting to listen to, showing he can keep any audience’s attention.

Today, Williams keeps getting invites to do fresh interviews. These talks give a peek into his life and work journey. He’s done a lot, from TV shows like “All My Children” to “American Dreams.” Plus, he’s been part of many good causes. All this makes him a well-respected speaker.

Williams’ talks at different events keep people interested. He talks about his current projects and key issues. This helps him stay important in today’s discussions. He’s still a big name in the public eye.

Montel Williams’ New Ventures

Montel Williams is showing his entrepreneurial side through various projects. His brand, Inspire by Montel, is all about wellness. It started with a partnership with Freshly Baked Company in Massachusetts.9

Business Initiatives

Montel Williams is known for his work promoting health and wellness. Now, he’s bringing these values to his business projects. Williams makes sure his ventures always help improve people’s lives.

Inspire by Montel

With Inspire by Montel, his drive for entrepreneurship is on full display. This line of products aims to enhance wellness and make life better for consumers. It’s a result of working closely with the Freshly Baked Company.

Inspire by Montel isn’t just about products. It’s a marker of Williams’ long-standing commitment to health and wellness. His products meet the needs of those who want reliable wellness solutions.

Williams keeps his ventures in the public eye, tying them with his health advocacy. This way, he keeps inspiring others who are on the same wellness journey.Read more about Montel Williams’ entrepreneurship and Inspire products.

Montel Williams’ Contributions to Charity

Montel Williams has dedicated his career to charitable work. He focuses a lot on helping those with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Montel Williams MS Foundation

The Montel Williams MS Foundation reflects his passion. It started in 2000 and is a 501(c)(3) organization, meaning your donations can lower your taxes10. Although we don’t know its total income and expenses10, it clearly aims to boost MS research and projects.

It hasn’t been fully rated by Charity Navigator yet. This is because some details are missing for now, not because of any issues. The missing parts are for studying its effects, community approach, and leadership skills10.

charitable work

Other Philanthropic Efforts

Williams’ giving goes beyond the foundation. He supports causes close to his heart. For example, he’s an advocate for medical cannabis and helps veterans with projects like “Military Makeover with Montel.” He also does motivational speaking. All this shows his strong wish to help people in need.

Montel Williams’ Acting Career

Montel Williams is not just a talk show host. He’s also a well-respected actor in Hollywood. His acting career shows how versatile he is, taking on many different roles on screen.

Television Roles

Williams has really stood out in many TV roles. Particularly, in “JAG,” he played a Navy SEAL named Curtis Rivers1. This character was close to his heart, given his real-life work in the U.S. Naval Reserve1. These performances have stayed with viewers, making him a recognized figure in acting.

Movie Appearances

Aside from TV, Williams has also left his mark on movies. His part in “The Peacekeeper” caught a lot of attention. It proved just how good he is at switching between various roles, showing his true talent.

For more on Montel Williams’ acting, check out his Wikipedia page. There, you’ll see the full range of characters he’s played over the years.

Montel Williams’ Personal Life

Montel Williams is well-known as a TV host and an advocate for various causes. He cherishes his family deeply and currently lives in Miami. Williams’ family has expanded through his different marriages, bringing him four children1.

Family Connections

Family plays a crucial role in Montel Williams’ life. He was married to Rochele See from 1982 to 1989. Later, he married Grace Morley from 1992 to 2000. Since 2007, he has been happily married to Tara Fowler, his current wife1. Despite his demanding career, Williams always makes time for his loved ones.

Current Residence

Living in Miami has given Montel Williams a home filled with life and culture. His choice to live there shows how much he enjoys being part of the community. Williams skillfully manages his work and personal life from this vibrant city1.

Montel Williams’ Military Makeover

“Military Makeover with Montel” is a show that shines a light on helping veterans through house upgrades. This moving series has done over 50 home makeovers for military families. You can see how far its impact goes11. Each show lasts an hour, showing the whole process and why it matters11.

The show is really popular with veterans and those still in the military. The number of these viewers has gone up by 20% in just two seasons11. Even the help given after each episode has gone up, with a 30% jump in donations and people joining to help11.

Montel Williams has brought big companies on board, which has helped more military families. Thanks to this, sponsorships have gone up by 40%, ensuring more aid11. The show also does well on social media during broadcasts, with a 25% boost in people interacting online. Viewers and the families getting help love the show, giving it 4.5 stars out of 511. For more info, check the official site for updates and episodes.


What has Montel Williams been up to lately?

Montel Williams is big on health and wellness advocacy. He hosts “Military Makeover: Operation Career” on Lifetime. He also does media appearances and speaks at events.

Can you provide a brief overview of Montel Williams’ early life and education?

Montel Williams was born in Baltimore. He was a class president in high school. After graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy, he served in the Marines and Navy. There, he achieved the rank of lieutenant commander.

What is known about Montel Williams’ military service?

Montel served in the Marine Corps and Navy. He retired as a lieutenant commander. His time in the military shapes his support for veterans.

What were the highlights of “The Montel Williams Show”?

“The Montel Williams Show” was on air from 1991 to 2008. It won him an Emmy for Outstanding Talk Show Host. The show covered inspiring and important topics.

What other television projects has Montel Williams been involved in?

Montel appeared on shows like “Oprah” after his talk show. He’s worked on “4CHOSEN” and hosted different segments. This shows his wide talent.

What new TV projects is Montel Williams currently working on?

Montel now leads “Military Makeover: Operation Career” on Lifetime. The show helps veterans find new jobs. It’s a key part of his ongoing veteran support.

How is Montel Williams involved in public engagements?

Montel joins events to support causes like health and wellness. He talks about his life and work. He updates people on what he’s doing through interviews.

What advocacy work is Montel Williams known for?

Montel’s active in health and wellness advocacy. He focuses on Multiple Sclerosis and medical cannabis. He started a foundation to help with MS research and awareness.

How has Montel Williams’ experience with Multiple Sclerosis shaped his advocacy?

Diagnosed in 1999, Montel shares his MS journey to help others. He aims to boost MS research and improve treatments.

What role does Montel Williams play in medical cannabis advocacy?

Montel pushes for medical cannabis to treat MS and other illnesses. His brand, Inspire by Montel, supports alternative treatments.

How does Montel Williams maintain his media presence?

Through podcasts and social media, Montel stays in touch. He uses these tools to talk about his experiences and share news.

What public appearances has Montel Williams made recently?

Montel often speaks at events. He talks about his work and personal stories. Recent interviews have updated fans on his activities.

What new ventures has Montel Williams launched?

Montel’s now focusing on wellness with Inspire by Montel. This brand offers products to improve life quality.

What charitable contributions has Montel Williams made?

He started the Montel Williams MS Foundation for MS support. Montel also helps other causes. He’s committed to giving back.

What roles has Montel Williams played in television and movies?

Montel has been on TV shows like “JAG” and movies including “The Peacekeeper.” These roles often connect with his military past.

What is known about Montel Williams’ personal life?

Montel’s married to Tara Fowler. He has four children from earlier relationships. They live in Miami, where he supports local causes. Family is very important to him.

What is “Military Makeover with Montel” about?

“Military Makeover with Montel” offers home improvements to veterans. It’s his way of giving back to those who served. The show shares their stories and provides much-needed help.

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