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Waterproof Cases – Protect Your Valuables with Confidence

Protect your valuables with waterproof cases designed for ultimate durability and water resistance, ensuring your devices stay safe and dry in any environment.

waterproof cases

The waterproof cases at Extreme Exposure are perfect for anyone who loves diving or outdoor adventures. They are specially designed to keep your valuables safe from water. These cases come in all shapes and sizes, like waterproof phone cases and waterproof camera cases, to make sure your essentials stay dry and working, even at great depths. Brands like Surf Safe, Keep-It Safe, and Smartphone Locker II and III use strong materials, like crush-resistant ABS plastic, to keep your gear protected. They also have O-rings.1 These cases are great for all kinds of trips and activities.

Key Takeaways

  • Extreme Exposure offers a comprehensive collection of waterproof cases for protecting your valuables.
  • The cases are designed to keep your items dry and functional in various outdoor conditions.
  • Waterproof cases are made from durable materials like crush-resistant ABS plastic and O-rings.
  • S3 Cases provide water-resistant hard cases that meet military and medical standards.
  • Extreme Exposure’s waterproof cases are ideal for traveling, vacationing, and outdoor activities.

Waterproof Cases: The Ultimate Protection for Outdoor Adventures

Extreme Exposure’s waterproof cases keep your items safe from water. They are made of tough ABS plastic and sealed tightly. This stops water, dust, and sand from getting in.2

Safeguarding Your Essentials from Water Damage

By using Extreme Exposure’s cases, you can feel safe when near water or out in the wild. They protect your devices, cameras, and important papers.2 Thanks to their design, even if you drop them, your things will be okay.2

Versatile Applications: From Snorkeling to Hiking

Surf Safe, Keep-It Safe, and Smartphone Locker’s cases can handle any outdoor fun. They are tough against water, sand, and dust.2 S3 Cases meet strict standards and keep your gear safe in any situation.2

Durable Construction for Reliable Performance

Extreme Exposure’s cases are built to last through hard hits and rough trips. They keep out things like dust and dirt, too. This makes your equipment last longer.2

Explore Our Collection of Waterproof Phone Cases

Extreme Exposure offers a range of waterproof phone cases. It includes the Smartphone Locker II and III models known for their top-notch protection. These cases are made from crush-resistant ABS plastic, with felt lining and foam ends. They safeguard your phone from scratches and water, keeping it safe and dry during outdoor fun.3

Keep Your Mobile Device Safe and Dry

These phone cases feature a rubber O-ring seal and heavy-duty latches for a tight, waterproof seal. This means you can use your phone worry-free in the rain or the ocean.3 Capture fun moments underwater or stay connected during hikes with these cases. They provide full use of your phone even in wet conditions.

Seamless Functionality in Wet Environments

Extreme Exposure’s waterproof cases are designed to protect and give access to your phone in wet settings. Their durable build and secure closure let you use your phone for photos and communication. It lets you stay connected during outdoor adventures.3

Waterproof Camera Cases: Capture Every Moment with Confidence

Extreme Exposure’s waterproof camera cases keep your camera safe in tough situations.4 Made from strong materials, they protect your camera and gear. So, you can take photos without worrying about the weather or water.

Protect Your Investment in Harsh Conditions

With our cases, you can explore the ocean and capture amazing photos.4 Our IkeLite case can go to 200 feet deep, and GoPro and DJI cases to 196 feet.4 Insta360’s Dive case goes to 164, and DiCAPac WP-S3 to 16 feet.4 They are perfect for pros and adventurers alike, letting you photograph everything, no matter the conditions.

Underwater Photography Made Easy

Our cases don’t just protect; they also make underwater photography better. SeaLife’s case goes to 130 feet,4 and Pelican Marine’s case to 3.3 feet.4 These cases are not just for camera but smartphones too. This makes capturing underwater beauty simple and fun.

Waterproof Pouches: Compact Protection for Valuables

Extreme Exposure’s waterproof pouches keep your valuables safe on-the-go. These pouches are perfect for items like ID cards, credit cards, and cash. They are crush-resistant and have an O-ring seal to protect from water and dust.5 Perfect for travelers, beach lovers, and those who enjoy the outdoors, these pouches make sure your essentials are dry in any weather.5

These pouches have a Class 5 IP68 waterproof rating. They can stay underwater up to 6m / 19ft for 60 minutes.5 With a size of 14.5cm / 5.7″ high and 9.3cm / 3.7″ wide, they’re easy to carry and keep your items safe.5 They even float if you drop them in water, thanks to the sealed air inside.5

Order before 11:30am (CST) on a weekday for same-day dispatch from Extreme Exposure. Standard shipping takes 5 to 7 days, and express shipping is available in 2 to 3 days.5 They use eco-friendly packaging that’s 100% recyclable and biodegradable. There’s also a 5-year extended warranty on these pouches.5

Extreme Exposure’s waterproof pouches are great for travel, beach days, and outdoor fun.5 They’re sturdy, waterproof, and they float. This makes them perfect for protecting your essentials everywhere you go.5

Waterproof Bags: Ideal for Outdoor Excursions

Extreme Exposure has a great lineup of waterproof bags. These bags are perfect for storing your things securely during outdoor adventures. They are made from strong but light materials. This keeps your stuff dry and safe when you’re out hiking, camping, or enjoying water activities.6

Versatile Storage for Gear and Essentials

These bags have different compartments and pockets. This makes it easy to keep your items organized and accessible. Plus, their waterproof design protects your valuables from rain or splashes. Whether you’re carrying waterproof bags, waterproof cases, or waterproof dry bags, Extreme Exposure has the perfect solution.6

Lightweight and Durable Design

These waterproof bags are both tough and ready for any adventure. Let’s take the Ugo waterproof snorkeling bag as an example. It’s rated IP68, which means it’s dustproof and can handle being underwater to a certain depth.6 It’s also been tested by independent labs for underwater use at up to 20 feet deep. Clearly, it’s perfect for snorkeling.6

Waterproof Dry Bags: Keep Your Belongings Dry and Safe

Waterproof dry bags from Extreme Exposure are great for keeping your items dry. They’re perfect for activities like camping and rafting. These bags are made with strong materials and have a secure roll-top closure. This means your gear stays safe from water, rain, and submersion. So, whether it’s your gadgets or spare clothes, they’ll be dry.7

Reliable Protection for Camping and Rafting

Our dry bags come in sizes from 0.5 to 65 litres, fitting all needs. They can hold small valuables, line your backpack, or carry your gear for big trips. With a tough design and waterproof build, they’re ideal for camping and rafting. They keep your waterproof dry bags and important stuff safe from the weather.7

Roll-Top Closure for Secure Sealing

The roll-top closure is great because it adjusts to your load. It gives you easy access while keeping things dry. This closure keeps all your items safe from water and heavy rain. You can use it for any adventure, big or small, by changing the bag’s size and seal.7

Waterproof Protective Covers: Shielding Your Valuables

Extreme Exposure’s8 waterproof protective covers are great for keeping your stuff safe. They’re not just for phones but can protect bigger items too. These waterproof protective covers are tough and look good. So, your gear stays safe and dry, no matter where you are.8

Customizable Solutions for Various Devices

Extreme Exposure has a solution for all your waterproof cover needs. Whether it’s for a smartphone, tablet, or something special, they’ve got you covered.8 Plus, their phone cases fit the latest popular phones like the iPhone 12, 13, and 14 Pro Max, and more.8

Rugged Construction for Maximum Protection

These8 waterproof covers are super tough, meeting high standards. This means they protect your stuff not just from water but also sand and dust. You can go into the wild with peace of mind.8 Made of eco-friendly material,8 they have an IP68 rating, which means they can be fully soaked.8 They also come with a carabiner, neck lanyard, and a special sachet to fight moisture.8 If you have a very big smartphone, these covers are perfect for you.8

Waterproof Housings: Explore the Depths with Confidence

Extreme Exposure’s waterproof housings protect your camera gear in water. This lets you dive deep without worry.9 They keep cameras and lenses safe from water, letting you take stunning underwater photos safely.9

Designed for Underwater Photography and Videography

When your gear is in our waterproof cases, you can use it underwater easily. This makes them perfect for anyone who loves the sea, from pros to beginners.9 You can snap pictures of sea creatures, take shots of beautiful underwater scenes, or shoot amazing videos. Our housings protect your equipment, so you can have fun without worrying.

Seamless Integration with Your Gear

Our waterproof housings are built tough to handle the underwater world.910 They have cool features, like being able to go deep, easy-to-use buttons, and they work with different camera accessories. This means you can capture beautiful moments in the water with your camera safely protected.

Water-Resistant Cases: A Reliable Barrier Against the Elements

Extreme Exposure offers a wide selection of water-resistant cases. They are made to be a solid defense against the weather. These water-resistant cases are durable and protect your items in all settings.11

Versatile Protection for Various Applications

Keep your devices and gear safe from the rain, snow, or spills with Extreme Exposure’s water-resistant cases. They are built to last and give you the confidence you need.11 Made to meet strict standards, your items will be secure no matter the conditions.

Durable Materials for Long-Lasting Performance

Extreme Exposure’s cases are tough and reliable, perfect for anyone needing top-notch protection.11 They use materials like TSU-1 Resin, which is stronger than regular plastic. This means your belongings are safe from water and damage.

water-resistant cases

waterproof cases: Choosing the Right Solution for Your Needs

Choosing the right waterproof case is vital to keep your items safe from water. Extreme Exposure suggests looking at key elements to pick the best one. There are many choices from phone cases to dry bags. This variety can make picking one feel overwhelming.12

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Waterproof Case

Think about how and where you’ll use the case first. Do you need to keep your phone dry at the beach or your camera safe underwater? Your specific use determines the level of protection you need. The item’s size and shape also help choose the right case.12

It’s key to check the case’s build too. Cases made from tough materials and tight seals keep water, sand, and dust out best. Look for cases with ABS plastic and O-ring seals for the top protection.12

Expert Advice for Optimal Protection

Extreme Exposure’s team can give you personalized advice. They can help you find the perfect case. They offer tips on waterproof phone cases, camera housings, and dry bags. Their advice ensures your choice meets your needs.12

Using the tips and help from the Extreme Exposure team, you can choose with confidence. They will guide you to protect your important items on any trip.12


Extreme Exposure offers a full range of waterproof products for keeping your items safe outdoors. Their cases stop water from getting in, ensuring your things are dry2. Made from tough materials, they protect against more than just water. They also shield your items from drops and tough use2. Plus, these cases have padding that absorbs shock, meaning your gear is safer2.

These cases keep out dust, dirt, and sand too, perfect for outdoor fun. With their protection, you can go anywhere without fear of damage. They fit many uses, showing their wide appeal for outdoor lovers2.

Extreme Exposure has a team ready to assist you in picking the best waterproof gear. Their cases are loved by users for how well they keep items safe. They help gear last longer, saving you money in the long run2.


What types of waterproof cases does Extreme Exposure offer?

Extreme Exposure has many waterproof cases for items like phones, cameras, and passports. They also have cases for battery packs, maps, watches, and more. The choices include products from Surf Safe, Keep-It Safe, Smartphone Locker, and S3 Cases.

What materials are Extreme Exposure’s waterproof cases made from?

Their waterproof cases use tough, crush-resistant ABS plastic. They come with O-ring seals to block water, sand, and dust. These cases are built to keep your stuff safe in different outdoor places.

How do Extreme Exposure’s waterproof phone cases work?

The waterproof phone cases, like the Smartphone Locker II and III, are very sturdy. They’re made from ABS plastic that doesn’t bend or break. They seal tightly with a rubber O-ring and clasps that lock, protecting against water.

How do Extreme Exposure’s waterproof camera cases protect photography equipment?

The camera cases guard cameras, lenses, and more in tough outdoor and underwater places. Their strong make and waterproof design protect your gear. You can trust your equipment will stay safe and working well.

What are the benefits of Extreme Exposure’s waterproof pouches?

The waterproof pouches are great for keeping small, important items dry and secure. They’re small, yet tough, made from ABS plastic, with an O-ring for sealing. They protect your stuff in various outdoor and travel settings.

How do Extreme Exposure’s waterproof bags differ from their other products?

The waterproof bags are made for active use, keeping your items safe and dry. They’re crafted from strong, light materials and have many pockets. These bags are perfect for outdoor fun and ensure your gear stays protected.

What makes Extreme Exposure’s waterproof dry bags a good choice for outdoor adventures?

The dry bags keep your stuff dry and safe during outdoor activities. They’re made with tough materials and close securely. This ensures your gear and clothes are protected, no matter where your adventures take you.

What are the key features of Extreme Exposure’s waterproof protective covers?

The protective covers are tough and ready for different valuables, big and small. They meet high standards for military and medical gear. With these covers, your equipment will stay safe from water, sand, and dust.

How do Extreme Exposure’s waterproof housings benefit underwater photography and videography?

The waterproof housings protect cameras and equipment for underwater shots. They’re specially designed to work well with your gear. You can use your equipment easily even in water, making them great for anyone who loves underwater photos and videos.

What are the advantages of Extreme Exposure’s water-resistant cases?

Extreme Exposure’s water-resistant cases guard against the weather’s worst. Their sturdy design meets military and medical needs. These cases are perfect for all sorts of activities, keeping your items dry and safe from the elements.

What factors should I consider when choosing a waterproof case from Extreme Exposure?

Think about what you need the waterproof case for first. Then, consider how much water and for how long it needs to stay dry. The size and protection level for your items matter, along with the case’s strength. Extreme Exposure’s team is ready to help, offering advice and product picks just for you.

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