Micro Income Streams You Can Implement Almost Immediately

How to make money online

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By Bill Petros


Micro Income Streams That Add Up!

Micro Income Streams You Can Implement Almost Immediately



For most people, relying on one job is likely not enough if your goal is to get ahead in life. Thankfully, you are now living in the Internet age, and that means there are plenty of ways of making money online. There's also a new concept known as micro income streams.   

How to make money online Fast

Micro income streams are small streams of income. The beauty of such income is that it usually doesn't require a lot of effort and time to start and maintain. And, that means you can stack several micro streams, and you'll end up with something substantial. Furthermore, you don't have to give up your day job to implement the ideas below..

Micro Income Streams You Can Implement Almost Immediately

Dividend Assets: 

In the financial world, there are assets known as dividend assets. For most people who are a bit knowledgeable when it comes to investment, they would think of dividend-paying stocks. However, in this article, we will consider it as a dividend asset if it gives an income (no matter how small) just by owning or holding it. 


With such a definition, the most popular options are stocks, bonds, and crypto. Owning a dividend-paying stock or bond will allow you to receive an income just by holding them. Most people know this, but most people don't know about dividend-paying crypto assets, and this is where things can get exciting. .




Cryptocurrency is a relatively new asset, and its popularity is only getting stronger. The beauty of cryptocurrencies in the context of micro online streams is that you can start with a relatively small money. Most people know that you can invest in stocks and bonds, which will usually entail a good chuck among of investment funds..

With cryptocurrencies, you can already start implementing a viable investment strategy with as little as $10. Of course, it's unlikely that you'll get rich with just $10 alone, but it allows you to get your feet wet. Most people assume that the way to make money is to buy and hold crypto. However, dividend-paying crypto assets already exist, such as:

* Komodo 
* Ascendex 
* KuCoin 
* NEO 
* Neblio


Keep in mind that the listed above and other crypto dividend-paying assets may have different ways of implementing or executing. However, the idea still remains the same: you'll get income just by holding such assets.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a simple concept. You recommend a product to someone. And, if he or she purchases the product you recommended, you'll end up with a commission. 
While affiliate marketing can be a full-on business model that could replace your day job, but you can also implement it on a smaller scale if you don't want to invest that kind of time, effort and/or money.


Micro Income Streams You Can Implement Almost Immediately