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Where to go on a first date  

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By Bill Petros


Places to go on first dates

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It can be difficult for both parties to go on a first date. For the person planning the date, you will need to know a little bit about your partner. Ask him/her what is a preference and things he/she likes. 


Is the person adventurous and open to trying something new.? Is there a favorite food place for them? Does the person enjoy dancing or going to a club? 


Would he/she prefer a quiet environment that allows you to be intimate. Is your date an outdoor person who loves picnics, seeing nature or a nice drive along the countryside, Does the person have favorite movie playing at a nearby cinema? 


Anxiety and stress will always play a part of a first date for both parties. After all, getting to know someone new is not always easy. Read on to discover some great things to do on a first date.  


Romantic First Date on the Beach

First Date at the beach


Dinner And A Movie Dinner:


Dinner and a movie are always a pretty safe bet for any first date. Find out more about your new dating partner when he/she chooses a favorite movie and restaurant. 

Remember to please your date and not yourself. A budget should be set for this date,  as to not to put added pressure on your wallet. 

The idea is to impress your mate and let him/her know how important a first date is for the both of you.


Acceptable Risk Crossing The Street In Unsafe Way

Hot Air Ballooning


For the adventurous first date, try hot air ballooning. You will have a guide with you if you are the nervous and shy type. Your date partner will be blown away that you went to so much trouble in planning your first date. 

Hot air ballooning is an exotic first date and a new experience the two of you get to share for the first time together.




Carriage Rides


Taking a romantic carriage ride is one of the best ways to impress on a first date Strolling through the city will give you and your first date a chance to talk and get to know one another better. 

There is nothing like a romantic moonlit ride to bring two people together.





A picnic always works well for a first date. Find a nice spot under some shade and picnic away. Prepare your picnic menu yourself or call a caterer for a special treat.


Ask your date partner about his/her favorite foods to make a part of your picnic basket. Favorite drinks may include soda pop, wine, or even champagne to show a fresh new beginning for the two of you. Picnics are a fun way of getting to know your first date partner.




A museum is a great place to take your date partner on a first date for the intellectual type. There are people who love museums and your first date may be one of them.


Throw the idea out there and see if your date grabs at the bit. Museums can bring about a new cultural experience for the two of you and give you something new to try as a tradition you can start together. 



These are some great first date tips. Try one or all of them to determine the best places to take your first date partner.  The person may surprise you with his/her choices for a first date.