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High Altitude Sickness
Preparedness and Survival Information and Tips

High Altitude Sickness - What to do and what are the signs if you develop it?

High Altitude Sickness
United World Muay Thai Association

Muay Thai News 

Bill Petros: Now teaching Elite self defense classes in New York and Houston. Law Enforement CQB and defensive tactics.

High Altitude Sickness
Remembering Pearl Harbor

The Infamous Attack that devistaded a Nation  

Katie Petros: 10 min Read 

Walmart Shipping policy

Most of us as consumers love to shop and Walmart online makes it easy to do so, however thier shipping facility leaves a little to be desired when it comes to boxing our shipments. Oh, they ship fast and on time but shipments are broken and smashed constantly. They are great at sending out replacements as long as you have the time to receive the smashed or broken items them call them and have them send out a free replacement. The problem is when this happens you end up waiting 10 days for your items, as long as you dont need your things anytime soon your ok. Walmart has become so big as a corporation they can not monitor there divisions and shipping need HELP!!! Read More

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